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Tested and proven effective, BioGuard products are known for delivering reliable results and making pool care less complex. BioGuard dealers carry an extensive line of pool solutions that match your unique needs.


A chemical added to pool water to kill algae infestations and prevent their recurrence


BioGuard’s most effective algae preventative

•  Step 3 of the 15 Minute Work Week
•  Effectively controls algae in swimming pool water
•  Suitable for all surface types


Bio Guard’s most effective and fast acting algae destroyer on the market. 

•  Kills and controls algae in pool water
•  Recommended for green, blue-green, and mustard colored algae
•  Suitable for all surface types.


Used to sanitize pool or spa water, mostly used for spas

Brominating Tablets

BioGuard’s compressed Brominating tablets are a “gentler” alternative to traditional chlorine

•  Controls bacteria and algae in swimming pool water
•  Provides activity over a large PH range
•  Causes fewer odors than chlorine making it ideal for indoor pools
•  Designed for use in brominators


the most widely used sanitizing agent for pool water

Power Pucks

This product improves water quality, sanitizes and clarifies, all in an easy to use tablet.

•  Controls bacteria and algae
•  Contains a unique blend of chlorine tolerant clarifiers
•  Won’t cloud water
•  Contains water enhancing agents

Silk Smart Sticks

Silk Smart Sticks include SilkGuard technology. With this new and improved formula, you will get the benefits of SilkGuard while enjoying the long life and easy skimmer application.

•  Kills bacteria and algae
•  Ideal for skimmer application
•  Silk Guard Technology
•  Sun Shield protects chlorine from sunlight so you use less

Power Chlor

BioGuard Power Chlor is a new, patented, multifunctional shock and sanitizer. This product contains a filtration enhancer and clarifier for crystal clear water. It can be applied directly into the pool or added through your skimmer.

•  Kills bacteria and algae
•  Ideal for skimmer application

Basic Tabs

BioGuard Basic Tabs are just what the name implies, your standard no-frills 3 inch chlorine tablet. The concentrate long lasting tabs are just what the cost saving customer is looking for.

• 1 – 2 Tablets per 10,000 gallons of swimming pool water
• Can be used in an automatic chlorine feeder


All our other products to keep your pool looking amazing

Filter Brite

This product removes oils and grease from all types of filters. It acts as a shampoo for the filter.

•  Promotes greater filter efficiency
•  Helps keep water clear
•  Can reduce future maintenance
•  Can lengthens the life of the filter media

Off the Wall

Specially formulated to clean pool surfaces and equipment, ridding them of unsightly greases and oils

•  Pool surface cleaner
•  Effective on vinyl, tile and concrete
•  Contains no abrasives
•  Compatible with pool water

Cyanuric Acid

Used to reduce degradation of chlorine by sunlight

Stabilizer 100

Prevents chlorine loss from sunlight with Stabilizer 100

•  Protects chlorine so you use less
•  Once a season application
•  For use with chlorinated systems only


Water enhancers not only get rid of cloudy water and make it brilliantly clear but also help your filter work more efficiently.

Polysheen Blue

Used to clear up cloudy water fast. It works on small suspended particles in the water.

•  Concentrated water clarifier for all pool types
•  Helps make water beautifully clear
•  Does not require dilution
•  Combines small particles into larger ones for easy removal by the filter
•  Highly concentrated so a little goes a long way
•  Can be used in all pool and filter types
•  Does not effect the PH

Power Floc

Clears excessively cloudy water commonly associated with algae blooms

•  Very powerful flocculent
•  Makes water clear and sparkling
•  Settles suspended particles to bottom for removal by vacuum
•  The greater the debris in the water, the faster it works
•  Can be used in all pool types

Pool Tonic

Eliminates cloudy, hazy or dull water

•  Removes phosphate and other common contaminants
•  Dual-action formula treats up to 20,000 gallons

Clarifying Tablets

Restores water sparkle, keeping pool water clear

•  Aids filter by removing tiny particles of dirt, plaster dust, pollen and more
•  Easy to use, just add to skimmer
•  For use with sand filters only


Agents that help eliminate waste from pool water

Smart Shock

Smart Shock makes pool water management simple and easy. It is Step 2 of the 15 Minute Work Week System. Apply Smart Shock and swim again in just 15 minutes per week.

•  Destroys swimmers waste
•  Maintains brilliantly clear pool water
•  Suitable for all pool surfaces
•  Easy application
•  Quick dissolving
•  Multi- functional product shocks, oxidizes, buffers and clarifies

Burn Out

Helps keep pool water sparkling clear and clean

•  Dissolves quickly and completely
•  Won’t cloud pool water
•  Can be used in all pool types
•  Doesn’t affect calcium hardness so it is ideal for hard water areas


A measurement that indicates the acidity or alkalinity of pool water

Balance Pak 100

For raising total alkalinity

•  Use to maintain total alkalinity
• Prevents pH change
• Prevents corrosion and vinyl liner wrinkling due to improper pH
• Dissolves quickly when added directly to water

Balance Pak 200

Use to raise PH in pool water

•  Prevents eye irritation due to low PH
•  Prevents etching of plaster and wrinkling of liner due to low PH
•  Prevents corrosion of equipment due to low PH
•  Can be used in all pool types

Balance Pak 300

For raising calcium hardness levels

• Dissolves quickly
• Protects pool equipment from corrosion, plaster etching and wrinkling of liners

Lo ’N Slo

BioGuard Lo N Slo reduces pH and total alkalinity in pool water.

•  For lowering pH and total alkalinity
•  Quick-dissolving and easy-to-measure
•  Safer to store, transport and handle than liquid muriatic acid

Pool Magnet® Plus

Prevents and removes stains from iron, copper and manganese

•  Eliminates discolored water from metals
•  Easy to apply, highly concentrated formula
•  Use in conjunction with Sparkle Up® to remove metals from the water

Scale Inhibitor

works to prevent scale build up from high calcium levels. Regular us of this concentrated formula prevents scale build up on:

•  Pool surfaces
•  Piping
•  Filtration and heating elements

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