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In an effort for you to get the most enjoyment out of your pool, we have provided some answers to common questions about your pool.

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Why is my pool green or cloudy?

How long has the pool been running? ( a green pool takes a few days to clear)

Do you have a chlorine reading? ( sometimes when starting the pool , it takes a lot of chlorine to clear the water)

Is the pool water balanced? ( go to a local pool store to have water tested )

Have you used any algaecides? ( it takes a strong algaecide to kill algae , these are only available at pool stores)

For cloudy pools you should use a water clarifier, you should also check the sand filter that the sand is clean and the water doesn’t channel through the filter.

I have sand in my pool?

Check the line from the pump to the filter ( filter is marked to connect the lines properly)

Pump is noisy or air in the water pump?

Check to see if you have enough water in the pool . ( water should be 3/4 up the skimmer) there may also be a leak in the line , check with local pool service.

How often do i change the sand in the filter?

Suggested every three years.

What side does the bubbles go on the solar blanket?

The solar blanket bubbles go down facing the water, the bubbles collect heat and heat the water. If you put the bubbles facing up, the sun will burn the bubbles.

When taking the blanket off while swimming , keep the blanket out of the direct sunlight, the sun will ruin your blanket.

Salt system shows no chlorine reading?

Did you use stabilizer at the start of the season?

Check lights on salt system

Where is the chlorine set from 10 to 100 ?

Why do my eyes burn?

Check the levels of the PH and chlorine, these levels may be high.

Have your water tested at your local pool company.

How long do I backwash my pool?

Watch the sight glass on the sand filter , when it clears stop the pump, put the sand filter on rinse, ( rinse for a short time) then put back on filter.

Remember you are taking water from the pool, so do not backwash too long.

What should my chemical readings be at to maintain balanced water ?

Ph = 7.4 to 7.6

Total chlorine = 1 – 3

Total alkalinity = 125 – 150

Calcium hardness = 175 – 225

Cyanuric acid = 30 – 100

You should always have your water tested by a professional pool company, feel free to contact River Valley Pools for a full test.

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